How to setup Yeoman in Windows from scratch

If you are using Mac or any *nix system you are right at home, but for windows it’s little bit of work.

Follow the steps below to get up and running with yeoman in windows system.
First Install Ruby dependencies

  1.     Install Ruby for Windows from
  2.     Open Command prompt
  3.     Check ruby version to confirm if ruby path is set. ruby -v. If this command fails, check if path of your ruby installation is added to environment variables or not. If path is not set (for ruby), add the path manually.
  4.     Installed bundler : gem install bundler
  5.     Install Compass : gem install compass

Install git tools

  1.     Install Github for windows from
  2.     Install git from Before installing read the instruction for installing git in windows for use with bower. (optional step, only perform in bower not working)

Install node dependencies

  1.     Install node.js from Make sure you check the option Add path to environment variables while installing.
  2.     Open command prompt
  3.     Install bower : npm install -g bower
  4.     Install grunt-cli : npm install -g grunt-cli
  5.     Install yeoman : npm install -g yo

Extra step for angular fanboys:

  1.     Install yeoman angular generator : npm install -g generator-angular

You can do all the above steps (expect installing node) in one command as well.

  • npm install -g bower grunt-cli yo generator-angular

Now you have everything you need to run yeoman and you also have installed angular project generator.



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